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Monday, March 24, 2014

Cleanse and Diet Started

I have started on a colon cleanse and diet of mainly raw food today.  I had the intention of posting a "before" photo, but was too embarrassed to post the pic, so just keeping it for my own reference.  I'd post my starting weight, but that is also too embarrassing :(  In particular, my eternally pregnant looking belly has been a source of shame for pretty much most of my life.

Ever since I started dating after being separated, I gained a lot of the weight I had lost while going to GISW (Get in Shape for Women) in Nashua, working with a personal trainer.  A quote from Marsha Mason in one of my favorite movies, Goodbye Girl, comes to mind... "It's amazing how flabby you get when you're happy".  Happiness may have been the reason for a while... But I basically just stopped caring as much about what I looked like.  If course, it didn't help that my boyfriend eats like a kid whose parents are away on my vacation... And he can afford to since he's very thin.

Basically I began by making my home binge proof and getting rid of all the sweets and unhealthy snack food.  I bought mostly fruits and vegetables... Tofu, tempeh and seasonings that are healthy and I actually really do love.  Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, hummus and snap pea crisps for snacks.

I purchased an herbal cleanse kit at one of my favorite herbal stores... Misty Meadows in Lee NH, which is a two part/two week intestinal repair program.  It's gentle and will prepare my body for the more aggressive Master Cleanse... Which consists of  drinking a lemon, maple syrup, Ceyenne pepper concoction in place of three meals, drinking a laxative tea before bed, and lots of plain water throughout the day.  My herbalist informed me that the Master Cleanse can be quite dangerous if jumped into immediately... So the gentle herbal cleanse will be first.

I also quit drinking diet soda (yet again), and this time I am determined to quit for good.

I'm heading back to the gym with a vengeance too.  I make up excuses not to go, but am usually more than ready to workout once I get there.

I'm looking forward to seeing what I can accomplish in the next few weeks.  Hopefully I will have good results to report :)

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