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Monday, August 12, 2013

Bicycle Symbolism

"Towards the future."  The bicycle is a symbol of progress, of renewal, of promising times ahead and personal effort or motivation....which gets you somewhere.
Bikes in dreams symbolize our own personal drive and direction in life.  We tend to dream of bikes when we are trying to create a normal balance in our waking life.  If you are on a bike, and its smooth sailing, it means you are in control and going to make the right moves to achieve your goal.  How are the roads?  If you are having trouble riding the bike, or you fall off, it means you will be held back from your current venture.  If your bike is damaged or you can't ride it, it means you are feeling helpless.  If you are able to fix the bike, that means you will be able to take off to the next step.  If you are in a bike race and win, that symbolizes you will come out on top of the competition in your life.

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