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Saturday, August 10, 2013


Today will be a difficult day for me. Eleven years ago today (on August 10, 2002), I was married to Jeff. Although things changed and we mutually parted ways amicably, I still find myself wishing things had worked out. I try not to beat myself up for not being a very good wife and for the poor decisions and stupid mistakes I made. Instead.... I try to focus on the wonderful times we shared when we were together (even though I'm sure they are hard for him to remember), what a good friend Jeff was to me over the years, and what a wonderful in-law family I was so fortunate to have (and dearly miss, especially since Artemis' family is not anywhere close to being as kind as Jeff's family was to me). I'm also doing my best to go forward, not backwards.... heal, and make myself into a woman worth fighting for in the future. **hugs to Jeff**, and I hope he is doing well.

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