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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Past Life Healing

Last night, Tuesday evening, I attended a "Past Life Regression and Healing Circle" offered by the Temple of Witchcraft in Salem NH.  The regression and healing circle were lead by a wonderful woman named Silver.... who I have seen at all of the rituals and events offered by the Temple, but never really met.  She is a certified hypnotherapist, who also took courses on healing past lives.  And after listening to her "intro" and how she came to lead the workshop, it was clear that she knew what she was talking about, and was very passionate about the subject.

Her particular  passion was "alternate lives".... the lives we would have lived if a big "what if" moment had gone in another direction.  Silver explained that there has been scientific research that suggests that we all have "alternate selves", and that there may come a time when each of those selves will converge into one.  She also talked a bit about time and how it transcends.  Sometimes when we get a glimpse into a past life, it may actually be a future life.  Time is a human concept and therefore not necessarily real.  Quite a fascinating possibility, and something I definitely want to learn more about.   

At the beginning of the workshop, we each had to introduce ourselves and what brought us there.  Each person had their own unique, and often emotional, story.  I hadn't planned what I would say if asked, but felt that I probably wouldn't share a lot.  However, once hearing peoples' stories, it was clear that they would all understand - or at least be very supportive.

I stated my name, and how I came to be there.  I explained that in 2010 I had what I thought was a past life vision while spending some time with someone I really cared about. It kind of threw me for a loop and basically changed the course of my life. I said that I was still pretty confused by it and unsure of the "message" I was supposed to get.  I had hoped that by participating in the workshop, the message may come to me or I would at least learn more about what I had experienced.

Silver lead us through several meditations.  The first was just to relax us, and help us to release any expectations we had about the workshop and what we would learn from the experience.  The point of being there was to be completely open to the experience.  It was ok to have expectations, but we were to recognize that we had them and just let them go, in order to be completely present and open to the experience.

The second meditation was "journey work" that would lead us to an alternate self.  We were to think of a big "what if" moment in our lives, and the journey was about what would have happened if we had made a different decision.  I wasn't expecting this to be the most powerful mediation in the workshop, but it was for me.  The big moment for me was when, despite a huge blow-up with my husband the day before our wedding, that I chose to marry him anyway.  In the meditation, I met the self I would have been if I had not chosen that path.  The woman I met looked like me facially.... but she seemed so different.  She was thinner, more confident, and doing what she loved..... helping others.  She had a family and a partner who clearly loved her.  I do not know for sure who she was with as I couldn't see the man's face.... but he was in good shape and had strong arms, a big heart, and was a great father.  She was much happier.  Her career made her a little less money.... but she had a lot of love in her life and seemed quite content on the path she had chosen.  She also rode a motorcycle!

I was in awe of her life and didn't really want to come back.  Silver told us to find the door back to our present life.... but before we left, we were to ask for something to bring back with us.... a message for our present life.  My alternate self told me, "You are here now, and you must make the best of it.  Do what you can to integrate what you love into your present life."  She gave this gift to me and placed it in my heart.  Into her heart, I placed healing and gratitude for what she had shown me.

We were guided back to our present lives, and grounded ourselves.  Each person shared some or all of their journey to their alternate self.  The revelations and emotions it brought up for each person were very powerful.  Some, like me, shed some tears telling their stories.

The third meditation was to a past life..... although we may have several, we were told to ask our spirit guides which one we were to learn the most from at this time, and to only be shown that life.  The past life I was shown was actually in black and white.... which was interesting.  I was not sure of the time period I was in.... if I had to guess I would say over 100 years ago.  My house was small and very simple.  I had a family, and my husband was someone I know in my present life.... the one I had the vision of two years ago.  We had children, a boy and a girl....and the girl looked remarkably like Emma, who is my youngest niece.  I saw that my husband was very loving to both me and my children.... that we struggled but were still very happy with each other.  As my husband was playing with our children, I noticed he was coughing a lot, and I got the sense that he was very sick and although I was scared and unsure of the extent of the illness at the time..... that I was trying to be strong for my family and cherish the time we had together.  When I saw myself..... I was not smiling, but I got the sense that it was me just trying to make the best of the situation and concentrate on what my family needed from me.

Silver told us to find the door to our present life.... but before we left, we were to ask for something to bring back with us.... a message for our present life.  My past self told me, "Cherish the time you have with your family, and don't take them for granted.  Also, you must learn to simplify your life and make it less complicated."  She gave this gift to me and placed it on my shoulders.  Onto hers, I placed healing and the gratitude for what she had shown me.

We were guided back to our present lives, and grounded ourselves.  Each person shared some or all of their journey to their past self.  Again some people were in tears, and others had big "Ah-ha!" moments.  One woman understood why she had pain in one of her legs (her past self had a traumatic accident where her leg was cut off below the knee) and expressed that her leg actually seemed to be in less pain now that she had an understanding of it.

After sharing the experiences of visiting with our past selves, we took a short break and then went into a healing circle.  We each held hands and we called the quarters (I called North).  We expressed gratitude for what we had learned and sent healing to our alternate and past selves....as well as other people in our lives and a list of those who needed healing.  We dismissed the quarters and shared some more insight on what we had learned.

Although the experience didn't answer all of my questions or clarify a lot for me, it still made me feel better, and that is what's important.  I came there not really having many expectations (on purpose) but left feeling comforted.  Silver said that it was important to take the messages we had learned and figure out how to integrate them in our present lives.  I did get the sense that my alternate self had the right of way, and the inclinations that I have had lately to work toward acquiring skills that would help me help others..... was me already having an awareness of where I really should be and where my passion lies.  She just confirmed it for me.  And.... it felt good to be confirmed.

I have always felt strongly that many of the dilemmas, traumas and wounds we have in our current lives are related to past life issues.  Some I suspect feel this more than others.  I know for myself, that I am drawn to certain people and certain things in this life.... and I don't think its a coincidence.  Everything has a reason and a purpose.  To dismiss this is to dismiss parts of ourselves that we shouldn't be missing.

This was definitely a worthwhile and eye-opening experience for me, and I look forward to exploring the subject more.

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