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Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Photo - Purple Hair

On Friday, I dyed my hair purple.  It was something I felt like doing for Samhain/Halloween, and because I had been unsuccessful many other times.  Back in the 80's I used to use some stuff called "Pizazz" to temporarily dye it, and was disappointed because it would always ever give me highlights.  But it was the closest I could come with my hair being so dark.... I never realized that I would have to bleach my hair in order for it to really work.  There was no internet back then...so I couldn't just find out how to do it and look it up some videos on YouTube, like my 15 year old niece has done.

I guess I would consider this a success.... although it looks a lot lighter in some spots.  Dyeing my hair is somewhat difficult for me since my dominant hand (right) is handicapped from an injury where I dislocated my elbow when I was 8 years old.  I need to tip my head over to get the back of my head, as well as inside all those curls....my hair is very thick and wavy.

So I actually needed two jars of Manic Panic Purple Haze probably.....but maybe I will try again some other time :)

Before putting in the purple dye... I was temporarily a strawberry blonde :)
Finally....purple hair :)

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