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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Say a Prayer

After a long drive I reach your street
I say a prayer that we will meet
And if we meet
You will talk to me
And if we talk
I will speak coherently
And if you comprehend
We will talk some more
And you will not think of me
As such a bore.

God, please let his eyes see
All the love he will find in me.

Its near you I feel like I belong
But when I see you its not for long.
Oh but for those moments...
Time stands still
To not touch you
Takes every ounce of will.
I love you from your toes
To the top of your bald head
Even if you never forget
All the stupid things I've said.

God, please forgive me
for what I am about to say.
Why does he make me feel this way?

Its hard for me to think
When you drive me bananas
I really want to get
Inside your pajamas
You would even look sexy
Wearing a cardboard box
I find myself wanting
To rip off your socks!
Its you I want to be beneath
I even want to brush your teeth!
Its getting insane, get out of my head!
Please, for the love of God
Take me to bed!

God, I don't care if its a sin
I want him so badly
to tuck me in.


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