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Saturday, October 06, 2012

All I Want

Dear Universe,

We have to talk.

I'm not asking for a lot.  People for some reason assume that I want something complicated and strange.  But I don't.  All love involves work and time, as is anything worth having.  I want someone who knows the difference between that and "drama".  I don't like drama either, but times can also be tough.   He doesn't need to come to my rescue in any other way but to be there..... to listen, make me laugh, and hold me tight.

I don't want "the perfect guy", he just doesn't exist (and neither does the perfect woman).

I want someone who isn't afraid to show me affection.... this is important to me because I love to be held.... my hands, my body, my heart.  Someone who loves the outdoors, and isn't afraid of working up a sweat or going on adventures.  Money is not important.... I don't need to be taken out to fancy restaurants and I don't need gifts.  The best gift someone can give me is his love and some of his time.  I don't like to sit at home very much.... I like to walk, do all kinds of exercise, and  spend time in nature.  I want someone who wants that too.

I want someone who can teach me something.... educate me about things I may not know, share his talents and skills with me, and be patient with me.  Someone intelligent who thinks for himself.

I want someone to understand that saying "I love you" isn't a death sentence.... it means we are together as long as our love lasts.  But I also want someone who understands that the phrase should not be overused, or used to get something.  And whether we make love or fuck....its all good, but its also an expression of love and not something to take too lightly.

And feelings are neither masculine nor feminine....they are human, and there is no reason to be ashamed or to hide them.  If something is wrong, I want to know.  If something is great....I want to know that too.  Cryptic phrases and hinting are just too confusing.... say what you mean and mean what you say.

I just want someone who wants me, and returns everything I have to give him.

Universe.... I have been in love with someone for so long, but it seems to be in vain.  Why did you lead me to him?  Please make my path more clear, and lead me to someone who really can love me.....for who I am...for the good and bad.  I promise to give him the same in return.

That's all I want.

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