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Monday, October 29, 2012

A Stormy Poem

I thought this was appropriate with hurricane Sandy's arrival.  A falling tree narrowly missed my house this morning.  I think I will go back to bed.

I think of Him whenever it rains.... imagine how much I think of Him in a hurricane.

"To the One in My Heart"
By Carrie-Ellen Batcheller

This is not just a poem, but a message for you
Hoping you will listen...I don't know if you do.
I feel a storm coming and who knows when it will be gone
No matter what happens...please hold on.
I don't know what will ever become of me
But nothing will darken my ability to see.
He can stifle my screams, and tear me apart

But nothing can ever remove from my heart
The beautiful dreams I once shared with you
The dreams I wished so hard would come true.
Being with you was heaven, I never wanted to go
There are still so many things that I want you to know.
You gave me hope, and that I will never forget
I have loved you since the moment we met.
Thank you for helping me find my voice,
I have realized in life we all have a choice.
We can choose to let our dreams wash away in the rain
Or we can choose to laugh and dance with the pain.
I don't know how much more I can take
It won't be long now before the levee breaks
I've tried to hold back as long as I could
I never wanted to lose you for good.
When the sky is overcast, and the cyclone is near
There is just one thing that I want you to hear
I love you just as I have from the start
And no storm could ever blow you out of my heart.

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