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Friday, August 17, 2012

Home Brewed Kombucha - Observations, Day 7

Well, its been 7 days since I started brewing my Kombucha.  I have looked at it from the outside to see where the scoby was and how it looked.

Looks like tea in there!  The scoby started out at the top of the brew, but sank to the bottom within the first few days and has stayed there.  Stringy matter is trailing off of it which is normal, and it appears to be the same size and basic shape as when it was added.

Today was the first day I took it down from the top of the fridge, removed the rubber band and cloth cover and braced myself to look inside.  There is no indication of mold, which is very good, and the top looks a little filmy....which indicates that a new scoby may be growing (which is what it is supposed to do). 

So yay....all looks normal.

I took out a straw and sipped a little of the brew, since according to my research, the brew can be bottled and consumed after anywhere from 7-28 days.  It had a slightly tart taste, indicating that it is more than just tea....it is fermenting tea! :)  Also, after a few minutes, I felt the slight effects of there being alcohol in it.... which its also supposed to have.  I felt it in my head :)

So...the appearance and taste is very normal at this point, which is great news.  It means my first batch is so far a success!  But... I feel that it is not ready at this point, as I would like it to be very tart, but not at the point of it tasting like vinegar.  I want it to have a true Kombucha taste before I bottle it :)

Also.... I want it to have good carbonation.  So I far I don't really taste any.  Alot of the carbonation will come from bottling (and waiting 2-3 days before putting in the fridge), but I should still be tasting some while its in the gallon jug, maybe after some more time.

I'm pleased with the results so far, and already looking forward to making another batch.  I already received the scoby that I sent away for and was free with the purchase of the kit that included the jug.  It is in my fridge awaiting to be dropped into a batch of tea :) .  I may actually go on the hunt for a good wide mouth gallon jug locally and start some more brew!

I sense an addiction coming on.... :)

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