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Friday, July 13, 2012

Soul Searching Exercise

I recently thought of an exercise I learned about and tried with a partner many years ago, and thought it might help some people out there.  It is an exercise that can help you better connect with someone.... be it a romantic partner, sibling, friend, or basically anyone.  You can also do a solo version of the exercise to help you gain some insight about yourself.  The ultimate goal of the exercise is to connect with the Spirit in ourselves and each other, and to gain helpful knowledge.

In this culture, we rarely look someone in the eyes - it seems rude and too confrontational.  However, the eyes really are windows to the soul.... so when we look into someone's eyes and allow them to look into ours.... some wonderful things happen.  Our inner light shows and we open ourselves up to receive messages from the divine Spirit.

Doing this exercise alone or with a partner strengthens our patience and concentration, and allows us to experience stillness.  It is very intimate, and shows you how strong your intuition is.  If you want to know how your loved one really feels.... all you need to do is look into their eyes.

The Solo Version
For the solo version of this exercise, sit down in a comfortable position facing a mirror.  You may sit in a meditative pose (full lotus or half lotus), or any pose that makes you feel comfortable.  Look in the mirror and softly gaze into your own eyes.  Try to look at both your eyes together, your natural inclination will be to shift focus from one eye to the other.  At first this will seem not only awkward, but you may lose your focus several times.  Keep at it and try to calm any inner chatter in your mind that tells you the exercise is silly. 

The right eye is the eye of the ego....it reflects our personality and the different faces we wear for people.  The left eye is the eye of the soul....receptive and loving.  Our personality and soul should be in harmony with each other..... and when they are not, we can see it in the eyes.

Breathe into your heart, and try to concentrate on your breath whenever you feel yourself getting distracted.  Try to be as open as possible to anything that pops into your head.  The deeper you gaze into your own eyes....the more insight from Spirit you will receive.  You may see, sense and feel things that are unusual and different.... just know that it's normal.  If you manage to get really deep, you may see glimpses of a past life or see yourself change into a different form.  You may see colors around you, which is your aura.  Whatever your experience, just go with it.  It may be exciting or frightening, but whatever you see will change quickly into something else. 

Try it with a Partner
To try this exercise with a partner, sit in a comfortable cross-legged position facing each other.  Each person should place their left hand palm up and right hand palm down.  Then place your hands so that they are on top of each other, palm to palm.  Gaze into each other's eyes for at least seven minutes.  It is normal to laugh or feel awkward at first, but keep trying.... the benefits of this exercise are well worth it.

Take in any information as data....not judgement.  The moment you feel judgmental, or your mind tries to read into the information.... breathe into your heart.  Quiet your mind, and try your best to focus.

These exercises take a lot of practice, but you will receive amazing insights from this.  Your goal is to do it for at least 7 minutes and up to 15 minutes, whether by yourself or with a partner.

With a partner, this exercise can help when there is conflict.... between lovers, spouses, friends or siblings.  After the exercise, share what you saw with each other, and any insight you gained from it.  Whether you practiced solo or with a partner.... consider writing your observations in a notebook so that you don't forget what you learned.

Happy Soul Searching....

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