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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Short and Sweet

To whom it may concern,

This will be the only post on the matter.

I guess I am at fault for trusting you and believing that you had changed.  You seemed to care about me, and at first put a lot of effort into making sure I felt that way.  However, once caught, you gradually lost interest in keeping up the good work.  Instead of feeling cared for, I felt neglected and used.  It also seemed like you were ashamed of me.... since I was never able to meet anyone important in your life. 

Still.... I wish for your happiness.  I hope that you find what you are looking for, and that you treat the next one with greater kindness than you showed me toward the end.  I never asked for much from you.... I just wanted you to be honest, keep your word, and keep the plans that we made.

I will miss you.  You were the only one who ever checked in on me to make sure I was ok, or ask how my day was.  Sometimes there were days when I wouldn't hear from you.... but even after you experienced some great losses in your life, you still did your best to be consistent.  I will feel a little lost without that communication.  But I am strong and I will get over it.

Thank you for your companionship when I needed it the most....in the beginning.  I really thought things would be different this time.  But I will chalk it up to experience and hope for something better in the future.

I will always care about you, but this is the end of our story.

Bye Ray.

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