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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Perfect Night / A Love in Silence

"A Perfect Night"
(written after Lammas, August 7, 2010)

Sitting by the fire and looking up at the stars

With you beside me, the night was ours
You told me I talk too much, but what I knew to be true
Was that the only one who kept talking was you.
Determined to conquer the mysteries in the air...
The names of the stars, and why you played with my hair.
And why you took my hand, for no real reason at all
And why you thought to beat you up, I would have to be tall.
Being with you was so effortless, I didn't need to try
I was content, and maybe a little bit high.
Listening to September on your car stereo
Yapping about the maintenance of your Fiero
In a perfect world, I wouldn't have had it any other way...
Except that maybe instead of saying goodnight
I would have asked you to stay.

"Beginning at the End"

"A Love in Silence"

Even when you were near
You were always miles away
I would give anything to touch you
Or get you to stay.

I thought we had time
But it's not on my side
You will never take my hand
And my heart I must hide.

I still dream of you
And have visions of what has been
But I know love, there will be no where
And there will be no when.

I find myself wondering
What I could have done
To change your mind
And for my love to see the sun.

You were the only one
I felt was worth the dare
But your silence has proven
That you just don't care.

Knowing doesn't erase
What I still feel
You have changed me forever
And time will not heal.

I will remember
Through this life and beyond
A love in silence
And the man of who I am fond.

I will know for the rest of my days

Your love could have healed.
I still can feel it.
I still believe it.

I will...

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