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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Some Things I Love....

Red wine and dark chocolate

Looking up at the stars

Long talks til 4am

The sound of the ocean

Walking the beach and feeling the sand and salty water between my toes

Salty hair and lips after a swim in the ocean

Little girls laughing (my nieces)

A meal cooked with thoughtfulness and love

Meals eaten outdoors on a beautiful day or evening

Grilled cheese and tomato soup

BIG salads with lots of crunchy stuff and avocados

Natural chunky peanut butter and banana sandwiches

Spicy pickles

Shooting, chucking or eating marshmallows

Lying on the grass with my eyes closed, taking in sounds and feeling the fresh air

The Moon


Happy sighs

A light buzz from alcohol

Anticipation and role play with a lover

The sound of my lover's heart beating


Warm embraces

Bone crushing hugs

Little kisses on my cheek that tingle

Back and neck rubs

Long slow, wet kisses

Kisses and breath on my ears and neck

Warm hands


Showers with a partner

Tired sex, make up sex, energetic sex, and anything other than planned sex

Drumming and chanting


A well-built bike


Industrial art

Wild flowers and plants

The smell of freshly cut grass



Sharing a cigar


Poppy-induced dreams

My Kalimba

Homemade Kombucha


Fruit.... especially those that are juicy and drip down my chin

Anything French

Quotes in Latin

The smell of clean laundry


A good joke

Sad love stories

The sound of pen on paper

A good cry

His voice

His laugh

His smile

All of Him.

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