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"Our lives are a book that has already been written. The brilliance of the plan is that we are only given a chapter at a time..." ~A. Drayton Boylston

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Awakening

With my heart beating fast,
I open your door
When your lips meet mine
I don't care anymore
My fears melt away
My inner voice calms
Nothing else matters
When I'm in your arms.

Your kisses are soft
Your strong hands are warm
Your breath drives me crazy
And I start to squirm.
You whisper your desires
And touch all the right spots
Our clothes fly everywhere
Our bodies in knots.

Like a storm door in a hurricane
Furious and fast
Sweet exhilaration
Two waves have passed.
When you're almost there
I get on top
I move the way you like
And you beg me not to stop.

Your body tenses 
And I kiss you on the lips
You're thrusting faster now
As you firmly grip my hips.
I feel your body pulsating
And the quick rush of blood
Your warm milk flowing
Inside me like a flood.
We let go together
Perfectly in sync
A feeling of bliss washes over me
It's impossible to think.

You lay me down and hold me
Our bodies hot and wet
Its over for now but I know better...
You're not finished with me yet.

More pleasure awaits
And we make love until dawn.
Until exhaustion overcomes us
And I let out a yawn.
We stretch out on the bed and succumb to sleep
Content and in love.
I know that in the morning
I'll wake up to you above.

We have so much more to experience
When next the sun beams
For now... goodnight my love
I wish you sweet dreams.

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