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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Search for the Skull

Sick of ceramic frogs?  Well, those are the typical kitchen scrubbie holders for some odd reason.  I was so happy when I saw a chrome SKULL scrubbie holder at Home Goods.  It was so unique and there was only one left.  I should have grabbed it.  Instead, as is my current practice.... I went home and thought about the purchase before making it.  When I went back a few days later, it was gone.

Hours (not in a row mind you) of searching online yielded no results.  I posted on Facebook about it, and my friend Patrick managed to find it on ebay in under a five minutes:


I didn't know when I saw it in Home Goods that it was Harley collectible.  That makes it even cooler in my eyes ;)  But I wish I had gotten it when I saw it..... it was only $7.99 in the store.

I nabbed it on ebay since I had some ebay bucks to use .  It will make a great addition to my newly organized kitchen :)

In the search, my friend Pat also found this neat little online store that sells all things skull.


Happy Shopping :)

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