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"Our lives are a book that has already been written. The brilliance of the plan is that we are only given a chapter at a time..." ~A. Drayton Boylston

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Dream

I just awoke from a dream of you.

And the dream was this....

I was invited to your home by your family.... but my time with them was over.  I was left to wander to my own devices.

Your house was like a maze and dark.  I found your room which was dimly lit, and there was no door.  So I could look inside without wondering what you were doing.  In there was a woman with you..... Gothic and beautiful.... thin, made up, hair black as night, lips lush and red.  Like a young Betty Page.  She was barely clothed and you were not at all.  You were playing with her.... in ways I always wanted to play with you.  Both of you looked up at me, and enjoyed the attention.  Despite my heart aching to see you with her, and the envy because she was not me..... I could not stop watching.  And this seemed to make the two of you happy.... and more excited.

She playfully ran into another part of the room and you followed her.  This part of the room was mostly hidden with the exception of a white mesh cloth which hung like a curtain.  There was a chair right by the curtain, so I sat there.  Your body was against it.....and I gently reached out to touch you.  I rubbed your back as your moaned, and as you made her moan.  I closed my eyes and was still filled with sadness, but I was also relieved that I could touch you, even though it was through a curtain.  This wasn't what I wanted, but at least it was something.  Warm tears streamed down my face as I caressed you and your body moved with my touch.  I imagined being in her place.  I wished so much to be there.  The more I wished, the more excited you seemed to become, and the more excited you were making her. I could feel you shaking beneath my hands and I wanted so badly for it to be me who was giving you so much pleasure. 

Just as you were about to climax, I opened my eyes and found I was lying beneath you.  You smiled at me, a warm beautiful smile.  And I was happy....my wish had finally come true.  You lowered your face to kiss me.  And just as our lips were about to meet....our bodies were enveloped in white light and became one.  Then I woke up from my dream.

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