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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Carrie's Hearty Winter Stew

I've been taking full advantage of my crockpot lately, and finding it easy, now that I'm living alone, to make meals ahead and freeze them.  I was hungry for something very hearty, and wanted to use up some ingredients that weren't going to last another week.

Here's something delicious I came up with recently, so I thought I would share it with you.

Carrie's Hearty Winter Stew


1 large link of reduced fat kielbasa, sliced
3 peppers, sliced or diced (however you prefer).  I use the peppers that come in different colors, three in a pack
1 package of fresh or frozen peeled pearl onions
1 package fresh or frozen broccoli and carrots (I got a package fresh from the salad area at the grocery store)
1 15.5 oz. package of green lentils with "garlic and herb" seasoning packet
1 cup barley
10 cups water
1 tbsp "Better Than Bullion"  (love the stuff), beef flavored
1 tbsp roasted minced garlic

Add sliced peppers to the bottom of the crockpot, and layer in kielbasa and then broccoli and carrots.  Add lentils, barley and water....and the rest of the ingredients.  Cover and cook on low for 7 hours.


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