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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Carrie's Mostly Healthy Cookie Dough

The following is a recipe I developed out of my love for cookie dough and trying to find a healthier way to make it.  I have fond memories of my Mom making cookies when I was little, and her letting me lick the bowl :) .  That is....when she actually allowed me in the kitchen.  My Mom was always secretive about food and recipes and didn't like anyone knowing how she made anything.... which is one of the reasons why I'm not a terrific cook :)

This recipe is gluten free and eggless, so it is safe to eat in the childhood format :) .  It can be used as a "stir-in" for ice cream and frozen yogurt, cupcakes, parfaits, etc.  OR.... BY ITSELF.  Since you are not going to bake this, you don't have to be too exact with the ingredients, just enough to make everything stick together and form dough is enough :)  But here are some directions with amounts just to give you an idea.

Here it is!

Carrie's Mostly Healthy Cookie Dough

2 cups tapioca (or other glutenless kind) flour
1 stick of margarine or butter-like alternative
1 cup brown sugar or brown sugar substitute
1/2 cup stevia or splenda or other white sugar substitute
1 tsp sea salt
2 tbsp cacao powder
1 cup of add-ins.... can include dark chocolate chips, carob chips, dried fruit, cacao nibs, etc.  My favorite is a combination of carob chips and dried coconut flakes (the kind with no sugar added)
4 tbsp of coconut milk, almond milk, or 2% milk
A splash of liqueur or rum..... my favorite is Godiva Chocolate Liquer.  OPTIONAL.
1 squirt (yes, not a precise measurement) of Agave nectar or honey.... to combat any bitterness from the healthy add-ins :)

Melt the butter or butter-like substance in a bowl.  I microwave it for about 40 seconds.
Add tapioca flour, sugar-like stuff, salt, cacao powder and the add ins.  Mix with your hands or stir with a silicone spatula.

I like to put the mixture in the refrigerator for about 30 mn.  If I'm having it as a snack, I will scoop about 4oz. of it into a bowl, and eat it.  Otherwise, I will save it for ice cream or some other desserty concoction.


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