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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Using Sinicuichi and Road Opener for Dream Work

I'd like to start this post first by saying that I'm not trying to condone the use of drugs, particularly the use of narcotics, in any kind of ritual or self-improvement experimentation.  I'm also not condoning the use of   Sinicuichi, just to note my own experiences with it and to pass it on to others.

Sinicuichi is currently legal in the United States, and can be purchased online, I purchased mine at herbalfire.com .  Little is known about its early use among the Aztecs, but it is still used by Shamans in Central and South America as a divination tool, and it has also been used as medicine for a variety of illnesses and symptoms.  It is called the "Sun Opener", which refers to the golden tinged vision people often experience after using it.  It is a mild hallucinogen that causes a feeling of slight intoxication, giddiness, drowsiness, improved memory, muscle relaxation, auditory hallucinations, reduced blood pressure, etc.

The most common way to use Sinicuichi is to extract it with a simple boiling method, and then drink it as a tea or smoke it.  Drinking it is the more potent method.  However, I just grind the wilted plant when I receive it, roll it in rolling papers and then smoke it in the evening on occasion.  It produces a lot of smoke that way, and the effects of it are somewhat less than using the extraction method first.  I find I have to smoke a few before any effects start to "hit" me, and they are mild at best.

For me, the effects of Sinicuichi have been useful in dream work, particularly exploring past issues and past lives.  Smoking it has helped me dream lucidly without the usual efforts to relax, and it speeds up the process.  The use of Road Opener Oil (which can be made or purchased online) dabbed on the temple along with the process, after smoking and during relaxation exercises, has assisted me with my endeavors in the astral plane.  When I awaken, I have quite a few useful experiences to write down and new insight about myself.  I can imagine other oils aside from Road Opener, could be used with success as well, depending on the goals one has for the experience.

You can read about others' experiences with Sinicuichi here:

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Again, this is not for everyone, and I encourage you to think about whether it is for you before you try it.

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