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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kind Words Make the Best Birthday Gifts :)

Today is my birthday..... the big 3-7 :) .  I've been complaining about it, and I get a little angry at my aging body these days (which is uncalled for considering I can do a lot more now than I even could a few years ago thanks to keeping in shape).... but I am grateful for all the good things in my life.  Even the bad stuff has taught me a lot and I wouldn't exchange or take anything back.

My nieces, grandmother, sister and mom all called to sing to me.... which is something they all do every year, separately or together.  That's always nice and entertaining :) .  My sister shares the same birthday, and I think my littlest nieces are finally grasping that concept and what it means.... it used to greatly confuse them.  Now they think its cool.

The best, and only, gifts I have gotten for my birthday, have come from two great men in my life.  My friend from college (who I had a big crush on back then), Roger, sent me a sweet birthday card and wrote the following inscription inside (I am a SUCKER for handwritten anything, since its usually a rare occurrence these days):

"Carrie, I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a great year....you deserve it!  Take care of yourself and keep your chin up!  Enjoy life to the fullest whenever possible!  Love, Roger"

Roger also drew an adorable picture beside his name.... which I assume is supposed to be him with his glasses on.  I absolutely love it.

The other kind words came from Ray, the man I dated 10 years ago and just started dating again a few weeks ago.  He sent me a text message early this morning which said,

"Carrie, you've gone through a lot in the last few years.  Where most people would stumble or falter, you've faced each obstacle with tremendous inner strength and will.  You're a powerful, generous, brilliant, and beautiful woman.  Happy Birthday!"

Then he went on to say that he wants to see me in Batman boyshorts (the female equivalent of boxers which because of the style tends to lend itself to funny designs) someday..... ever since he accompanied me at the laundromat a few weeks ago, he's been mentioning those a lot.  I keep having to tell him that I won't be ready for anyone to see me in those for quite a while...... I think he knows but just likes to flirt.  Flirting is nice after so long, but that's where I have to draw the line for now.

Along with the 121 Birthday wishes on Facebook, I got one from a guy named Jason, who I babysat when he was little.  He said, "Happy Birthday, to the better twin!" then went on to tell me not to check my sister's Facebook page :)

I bought myself a birthday gift, which I had been waiting to come back in stock at Uncommon Goods for a long time.  It's a doormat with a bicycle on it, made of coconut fiber.  At first it seemed like a silly investment, especially since I don't know if I have a future in my current home, or if I will be going through foreclosure or doing a short sale.  But I am making a last ditch effort with my share of the tax refund..... I will be hiring an attorney to work with my mortgage company on modifying my loan down to a 1% interest rate.  If it works, it will be cheaper than moving, and will save me about $400-500 per month.  It would also make it so that I could afford to make improvements and basically move out, move back in and start with a clean slate.  So I see the doormat as being something that confirms my commitment to again trying to save my home.  I wanted to at least be able to say "I tried everything and did what I could" before moving out and saying goodbye to the home I've fought to keep since 2005.  Its not a palace, but I have visions of what I'd like to do if I can one day afford to..... and being able to have the loan modified to the point where I could keep it without needing a roommate.... would be a huge motivation.

I'm hoping for a good year.  Not just for me..... for my husband on his own, my family and friends.  I wish everyone many blessings.

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