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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Full Moon in Cancer Tonight

Tonight the Full Moon will be in the sign of Cancer, at 12:30AM EST on January 9th.  This evening will be a great time to connect with the full moon energy at its peak.

Cancer is a Water sign, which means emotions will be very high.  It is a great time to do divination, since water signs help you to connect with your intuition.  The Moon in Cancer also has a great deal to do with family.... so spend time with your family and whoever that is to you.... be it relatives, close friends or familiars.  Cancer is also involved in the past.... so you could do something as simple as work on a scrapbook or something heavy as working on healing an old would from the past.  Other great activities for the home and family oriented Cancer Moon would be to clean your house, move furniture, or buy a new item that has personal representation and meaning for you.

Another wonderful activity for this evening would be to take advantage of heightened emotional awareness, and explore how you feel about certain individuals in your life.  Think of a certain person who has been on your mind lately -- close your eyes and picture them.  Let your attention drop down and breathe into your navel and midriff area, where we feel our emotions.... and breathe deeper and deeper.  Try to block out random thoughts and just let your feelings rise.  If you've been ignoring your feelings for this person, it could take several minutes to unblock and let your feelings through.  Once you've felt what you've needed to feel.... move on to as many people as you would like. This activity can definitely help in clarifying your feelings and allowing them to be felt, whatever they are.

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