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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Thoughts on the Lunar Eclipse, 12/10/11

The total lunar eclipse in Gemini on December 10, 2011 will occur when the Earth passes between the sun and the moon, casting the moon in shadow.  For people observing in North America, the eclipse will occur just before Saturday morning.  In order to see it, you may want to stay up Friday night or get up very early on Saturday morning. Alaska will see all of the eclipse, and the views will decrease as you move south and east from there.  Get your friends to come over and make it an eclipse party -- make the house cozy with beautiful smells and good hot baked apple pies and hot apple cider or hot chocolate.   Blankets and lounge chairs make sky-gazing very enjoyable.   
December 10th is also the same time as the full moon, which makes this a particularly powerful time.  We can use this extra boost of energy and harness it to get ourselves and our lives on track, and reset our goals for happiness and success.  This lunar eclipse should give us all an extra cosmic push to make much needed changes in our lives.  
Some changes that may take place during this time will seem drastic.  However, its important to be aware that whatever happens is not anything new.  The issues that surface have been brewing within us, and are issues that we've previously procrastinated on.  The areas of life activated by the lunar eclipse will seem to be abrupt and perhaps seem to cause chaos temporarily, but afterwards the path will become clear and we will be able to see the way forward.  We will get a clearer picture of what needs to change, and what may even need to be completely banished from our lives. 
The face of the Moon is expected to turn a bright red with a hint of soft turquoise on the edge.   Red is the color of life, of blood, of passion and anger.   Turquoise is the color of open communication and clarity of thought.   Tune into your feelings and decide what you really desire and believe.
I will be using the time of the lunar eclipse to separate myself emotionally and spiritually from an abusive relationship.  It is time for me to say goodbye to the life I had with this person, which may also mean letting go of other people I have come to know and love. 
This is also the time to break curses afflicting your life.  Acknowledge the curse and state firmly that it will no longer afflict you.  If you are lucky enough to be able to see the eclipse live outside.... do any rituals regarding breaking curses and making changes in your life during the actual time of the eclipse.  

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