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Friday, October 28, 2011

My Acrylics :)

Among other things, this is one of the ways I've been celebrating the holiday weekend.....and by that of course I mean Samhain (pronounced SOW-EN). Acrylic nails are my new thing, and I found a WONDERFUL artist in Japan who makes them. You can find her little Etsy shop here:


She is currently on vacation, but you can browse her shop when she comes back on Nov. 1st. I purchased her Edgar Allen Poe Nails, and a few other designs. Because I placed a big order with her, she upgraded my order to Express Shipping from Japan which only took a few days :) She also included extras.

I have to say though that re-usable nail glue does not work, so don't bother purchasing it. I had to get super glue for nails in order for them to stay put. I'm a pretty active person, so they were falling off left and right with the reusable stuff. I now have the fear though that I will be wearing these nails until Christmas :)

P.S. My fingers are slightly crooked on both hands, so its not the nails! :)

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