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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Taking

To the Darkness, from the Light

The Devil's tongue tastes of liquor
His arms limp and cold.
He lured me in with sweetness
that dissolved in the darkness.
He said he knew what I needed,
He said he could take away my pain.
I should have known.
I should have known.

A cold heart is better than no heart at all.

I caught the fallen angel
And loved him long ago
I kept him safe and wiped his tears
The last love that ever returned.
All was well until a wicked woman cast her spell
Transforming him into a monster
Eating his heart
Rendering him cruel and harsh.

He binds me with his anger
Striking expertly at his best
He still knows how to push me.
He pushes me to exhaustion
Until I can give no more
A friend turned stranger
Sending me deeper into the black.

Every pore filled with poison
Every sheet stained with blood
Mine, and others not long before me
The taking is not quick.
His groans become growls
My sobs become screams
Whispering words that were once kind
I know better.
I know better.

A cold touch is better than no touch at all.

There is nothing else.
I am empty
The Devil fills me for a time
He drinks without expectation
He feasts without longing
Still he shows me that I have flesh on my bones.
The pain is sweet
The pleasure is bitter
The monster is satiated.

The light I could see is fading
My hope getting further away
I know my angel will not save me
He has taken another call
I struggle to remember love
And the warmth of my angel's touch
The Devil will make sure I forget.

The Devil's tongue tastes of liquor
His body rigid and cold
He takes my hand only to let go
I wish again for my angel
He laughs and tells me there is no one there....
I curse myself once more.
I should have known.
I should have known.

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