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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Beautiful Full Moon in Aries

This month we begin a new cycle and return to fiery Aries; the first sign in the Astrological year. The sign is ruled by the planet Mars and is often associated with Warrior Gods, Goddesses and heroes of either gender, who also traditionally provided political or military aid or protection to the king - acting as Goddesses or Gods of sovereignty, and sometimes as Initiators - they were not always connected to war. In fact, the strong values of a "Brotherhood" and/or fraternity were often given to this sign.

The symbol for Aries is the Ram, symbolically and eternally holding its ground, standing strong and sure-footed. The sign of Aries contains the raw power of the Universal Life-force and channels it in a clear, focused way towards its goals. A sign that favors initiating new beginnings, Aries reminds us that the power of choice is always with us and once we see this we recognize the undeniable truth of how remarkably potent we all are. Aries is where we gather our strength to take a stand for what is precious to us - be it a person, place, idea or thing.

However, when out of balance, the intense energy of Aries can become destructive, out of control, closed-minded and stubborn. A fire not well tended or fed burns out too easily and can cause tremendous damage in a brief time, no matter how brightly it blazes.

Picture taken on the evening of October 11th, 2011 in Londonderry NH.

There was a ring around the moon tonight
from heaven it was sent.
Not sent for any small constellation.
Or Even Heaven bent.
i believe Orion sure damn did
Render it's Nebula tonight,
and i pray that it would
keep itself,

--Patrick Kavanagh

A Past Life Dream Spell (A spell for the month of October)

In October, the door to the other-world opens. Our dreams serve now as doors to other realms. You can use your dreams to recall former lives, and then use this information to help you deal with problems in your current life. Perform this spell at bedtime when you aren’t overly tired. To start, you’ll need a smooth and polished amethyst stone. Sitting on a bed, hold the amethyst and say:
I call on the power of perfect memory to enable me to see a past life I’ve lived; it shall be revealed in my dreams. I’ll see only what I should see. So mote it be.

Place the amethyst beneath your pillow and go to sleep. When you awake, record any images you recall. Repeat this spell over many nights.

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