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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Card of the Day: Two of Swords

To further my understanding of the new deck I am working with, The Law of Attraction Tarot, once in a while I will be shuffling the deck and choosing one card for myself. I will then interpret and study this card. While I shuffle the deck, I am asking the universe to guide me in choosing a card that represents my current/present state.

Today my card was Two of Swords. This is a card of conflict. This card depicts the arms of two different people facing each other with closed fists. The fist indicates an introverted attitude and the inability to communicate.

This card represents a conflict between two equally matched forces in which neither has the clear advantage. These forces can take on many forms: negative against positive, the impulse to act against the desire to stay silent, or knowing what to do against actually doing it. Such impasses are not easily resolved, and they can lead to a long period of confusion and stagnation. So we have peace, but in this situation peace is detrimental.

Being at a stalemate, avoiding the truth and blocking true feelings are characteristics of my present state. The Two of Swords often represents situations where an answer could be found and the truth could be seen, but where the people involved choose not to see it. The Two of Swords shows those times when one deliberately avoids seeing the truth. One can see that they are wrong but do not want to admit it. It can be painful to remove a blindfold and see the truth, because even the softest light will blind those who have lived in darkness.

In a relationship-oriented situation, which I believe this card signifies, the Two of Swords shows such barriers between the two partners. The number of the card suggests that both partners are at fault. It manifests as a vicious cycle; one partner refuses to tell a secret and becomes defensive. The other partner is hurt and becomes equally defensive. This continues until the relationship falls apart or the tension is relieved, and such relief cannot come about through further defensiveness. The barriers cannot be shattered; they must be taken down piece by piece. And sometimes this is very uncomfortable to do.

The lesson that can be learned by this card is to address any issues that I feel sore or unhappy about, and make a deliberate attempt to get to higher ground and see above the situation.

Often when people get close to their wishes, they stop to seek the approval of others. However, this usually does not help to clarify thoughts....instead it can highlight contradictions and cause one to second guess or procrastinate on making further progress. As one procrastinates, time passes and opportunities are missed. Doubts and frustration can wipe out self esteem.

So a lesson here is....I need to stop dragging my feet and remove the blinders!

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