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Thursday, July 07, 2011

My Card of the Day - Eight of Swords/ Law of Attraction Tarot

I am currently studying a new tarot deck which has the theme of a concept I firmly believe in....The Law of Attraction. So I am working with The Law of Attraction Tarot. It is a beautifully illustrated deck, but it has been somewhat difficult to study since some of the card interpretations are different than that of traditional decks, particularly for the Major Arcana cards.

To aid in the study process, I thought it might be helpful to choose one card as often as I can or when I feel the urge to do so. To do this, I will shuffle the deck while thinking of my question which will be "What is the current state/theme of my life". By current I mean that day, or at the present time. Then I spread the cards out, face down, and choose one that "calls" to me. I will then turn it over (I flip my cards from right to left or from side to side), take a picture of it (which I will post here) and examine what the card means.

Today, the card I chose was "8 of Swords". This card means that I am currently disconnected and creating a state of tension with the outside world, which can be positive in a spiritual sense as I am being introspective. However, I am wasting energy because I am not connecting with experiences and people in my life.

I have a clouded mind, which is a temporary intellectual state, and I feel stuck. However, the situation causing me to feel trapped is of my own doing -- my own perception. There is hope and a path cleared for me, yet I currently cannot see it. I am restricted in action due to indecisiveness. My fear and resistance is caused by my own current way of thinking.

Nothing is quite going my way, and instead of worrying, being consumed by it, and banging my head against a brick wall, I need to stop, take time out, and realize that the situation could be best handled at another time. I should keep an eye open for people who may be obstructing my path, and try to remove myself from the situation with them. I should make sure that I am not trying to make a decision out of a sense of duty or guilt.

I fear the unknown and should try to keep an open mind. My own current lack of confidence is causing me to feel limited, or I may be in denial. I need to open my eyes and see the truth, and seek counsel if needed. The situation will soon pass, but I need to take my power back by standing up for myself and taking action.

I need to work on having a more calm demeanor rather that fretting, and move from a state of separation to a state of union. This card signifies an obstructive intellectual block.

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