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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Simple Form of Divination and a Bad Luck Exercise

I've always been very interested in simple, practical magick. I am a Witch who firmly believes that natural magick resides in each individual (Witches and non-Witches alike!), we just have to pay attention to our natural abilities and not try to brush them aside or pretend they don't exist. Examining your natural abilities and learning to further develop them to make them stronger is something every individual is capable of.

Divination, dismissed as hocus pocus by many individuals is simply a tool one can use to further their natural magickal capabilities. Over the years, I have become familiar and adept at a few forms of divination, and I recommend that people at least try a few.... you would be surprised at how easily learning some of them may come to you. I have yet to meet a Witch who doesn't at least have one divining skill in the repertoire. Along with being a fun thing to do for friends and family... it can also help you to be objective when situations are overwhelming. Its much easier to focus on finding a solution or "the answer" when your hands and/or mouth are busy :) At least, that is my personal experience.

I research new and simple forms of divination in my spare time once in a while... you would be surprised at what you can use. Along with more traditional methods of divination, like the i-ching and tarot cards.... you can even use a remote control and many other every day items as a divination tool.

One simple method of divination I have learned recently is called Stychomancy. And it simply involves this: Meditate for a moment and think of your question (which will most likely be concerning a situation you are currently experiencing). When you are ready, pick up a book or magazine, and open to a page that you are guided to and an area you are guided to read from. The passage in the book or magazine (even if its just a picture/advertisement) should give you insight or advice into your question/issue you are concerned about. You can get some very interesting results from this form of divination!

Now on to the topic of "bad luck". People often approach me and ask what they can do to change their luck. They may feel like bad things are always happening to them and they never "get a break". Some people feel like there is a dark cloud over them. Whatever the case, here is a simple exercise that can help with this.

The exercise is called "The Bad Luck Scapegoat" or "The Pet Rock." Take a walk in a wooded area, in a direction or particular area you don't go to regularly. Try to relax and focus on finding a good sized rock... one that fits in the palm of your hand comfortably. It should be roughly the size of your whole palm.... not very large but not small. When you think you found the rock, sit down with it in your hand and talk to it like you would a good friend. Tell it about the bad luck you feel that you've had recently and the experiences that were difficult or uncomfortable for you and the outcome of those experiences. Ask the rock to help you by absorbing the bad luck from you. If the rock accepts (this exercise will only work if you feel the rock is willing to do this for you), imagine and feel the rock absorbing all your bad luck and negative feelings/energy. Once you feel this has been done, continue your walk and find a place to leave the rock. You can ask the rock where it wishes to be left and let it guide you to the right spot, or you can drop it in a stream of running water (river or brook), or bury it. Once you leave the rock, turn around in the opposite direction to return from where you came, and never look back. If you do, you may inadvertently take your bad luck back. This seems silly, but its actually a very healing exercise.

I will post other exercises and practical magick tips from time to time. Simple acts are more likely to become incorporated in our busy daily lives, and everyone could use a little magick :)

Blessed Be!

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