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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Feeling Gratitude and Not Feeling Guilty

Gratitude is an important part of getting what you want. In order to attract good things in your life, you need to feel grateful for what you already have. Embrace your life and your current situation, even if there are (many) aspects of it you don't like. Maybe you have a cute pet, family conveniently close by, or a large kitchen in your home. Think of all the things in your life that are good and that make you happy. Maybe your job sucks, or there is a particular person you see every day who is not very nice to you.... be grateful for your job which allows you to pay (some) of your bills. Be grateful to that mean person, for making you stronger emotionally and making you nicer to others. Whatever you have, be thankful.

Maybe you have a house you don't want to live in anymore...maybe there are many things about it which you don't like.... its too small, there are things that need fixing, etc. By focusing on the bad things about it... you may be staying there for a long time. So one way you could start feeling thankful for your home is to decorate it. Put some new paint on the walls, get a new piece of furniture you really like....fix something you've been putting off. In no time you may find yourself in a position to sell it or find a new better place to live.

When you are ungrateful for things in your life, you're actually blocking better things from coming along. Enjoy and embrace life. No matter what your situation is, there are good things about it. Focus on the good. If you don't, you will end up miserable and will never enjoy yourself. If you never enjoy yourself and focus only on misery, you won't know a better thing even if it actually comes along.

Stop feeling guilty. Guilt is something we feel when we think we've done something wrong. It's easy to let it eat away at us.... but guess what? No one is perfect. We all have problems and we all do things that we're unhappy about. When we feel guilt, we tend to seek approval from others and reassurance that we've actually done the right thing. And sometimes that approval never comes, and guilt begins to take over our lives. Stop seeking approval. No one else can completely understand where you've been and how you felt at the time you made a "wrong" decision. Only you know why you made it, and its important to just forgive yourself. Forgive yourself, and then let it go. Everyone makes mistakes. Guilt is yet another emotion that can block good things from entering into your life.

Keep a gratitude journal, or remind yourself at the end of the day what you feel grateful for in your life. Try to think of at least five things, and if that's too easy...think of more. Pretty soon you will start to feel grateful and happy for what you have in your life. And that will pave the way for even better things to come...

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