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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Developing Spiritually and Connecting with Deity - for the Witch

In the mundane world we live in, it is often hard to find a way to strengthen one's spiritual development and connection with deity. Deity is all around us in nature and in ourselves, so when you think about it - this should be a natural process. Yet we get distracted by have-to-do's and the day to day operations of our daily lives.

However, there are ways to sneak some magick and spirituality into the day to day. Some basic starting points are healthy diet and adequate sleep. Many people seem to notice that a meatless or nearly meatless diet helps them feel less sluggish and more in tune with nature. But each person is different, and that starting point may not be one for you.

In order to work effective magick, we must be in tune with ourselves, in nature, and be aware of the connection between all energy. Here are some tips for spiritual development and connecting with deity:

* Touch and experience nature. Get outdoors.... take a hike, ride a bike, go camping, go for a walk in the woods. GET DIRTY.... put your hands in the ground.... feel the dirt, caress leaves, take off your shoes and feel the water or grass on your feet. Imagine the energy in the ground filling you from your toes to your head.... or through your hands and then your entire body. Give thanks for that energy and any subtle or overt way you find most helpful.

* Make friends with spirits and deity. Just as some people pray to God, you can pray to the God and Goddess. No need to fold your hands and kneel by your bed.... have a conversation with them in your head while you're driving to work or doing the dishes. The more you communicate with deity, the more it will help you in your daily life.

* Communicate with others. Every person has magick within them, and the potential for even greater magickal abilities. Communicating with others exchanges positive energy and enlivens the spirit in each person. When we keep to ourselves, we are restricted to what lies within us.... when we communicate with others, we learn from each other and grow as human beings.

* Strive to always learn. Read... learn what you can about the world you live in. There are always ways to sneak in education.... if you find you have little time to read, try getting a book on tape or CD so that you can listen on your way to work or on the way to a friend's house. Watch a nature documentary while making dinner. Look up something you always wanted to know about on Wikipedia for a quick 5 minute education. Share what you learn with others, and get ideas from them on other books you can read or programs you can watch.

* Treat the environment well. If you disrespect nature, you may become blacklisted from accessing your true magickal potential. Don't litter.... respect living creatures, and do your part to minimize energy consumption. If you respect nature, nature will give back.

* Keep your vices under control. It's difficult to develop spiritually when you are in the grips of an addiction or obsessed with certain things or activities. If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, seek help in kicking that harmful habit. Same is true of obsessions...if they are taking control of your life, you need to seek help with that before developing your magickal abilities. A little indulgence or escapism is generally not harmful.... but 24/7 immersion is.

* Exercise your brain. Keep your mind active by exercising your psychic abilities (learn various forms of divination), reading, learning a new fact every day, doing crossword puzzles or other thinking-type games, etc. If you are sharp and alert, your magick will be more effective.

* Keep your mind open. Recognize that anything is possible. Be open to new ideas, new magickal theories, new ways to spell-cast, etc. Anything really is possible, you just have to believe it honestly. If you have doubts, process them and let them go.

* Renew your commitment to practice magick. Every Witch has a point in their lives when they let their magick fall by the wayside. We can easily become too tired to perform a ritual or just not be in a spiritual mood. Mentally renew your commitment.... find the excitement in you that you felt the first time you participated in ritual or read your first sorcery book. Examine the reasons you took your hiatus... and make a commitment to continue on with greater energy and renewed love for magickal practice.

All of us have magick within us, we just need to find ways to fit it into our daily lives. The more ways you can find to do this, the more powerful your magick will become.

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