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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Amazing People Who Do Nothing

I firmly believe that we all have a purpose in life. Sure, we may spend almost our entire lives trying to find it, but it's there and we all need to look. To not do so is not only doing ourselves a disservice, but we are also doing humanity at large a disservice as well.

Nothing confuses or upsets me more than people who have powerful thoughts and opinions, and abilities, and do absolutely nothing with them. Even if we act on those wonderful gifts and get shot down....at least we can say we tried to do something with them. There is a great person I know personally who has a huge amount of potential.... and I mean the potential to perhaps change the world. And I'm not saying that simply because I have strong feelings for him... even if I met him five minutes ago I would be saying the same thing. He complains about other people not standing up for what they believe in, and standing up for the way this country is being run.... yet he is one of them. He is highly alert of the dire situation we're in, and has ideas for what can be done. But he is not utilizing them.... and I wonder if he ever will.

We all have something to offer the world, and we all have potential for astounding things, if we would only stop being robots for a few minutes and think about it. Too often we shortchange ourselves and don't give ourselves enough credit. And we resign ourselves to thinking that the world is too big for us to truly make a difference. But each person can make a difference.... if we don't act though, we're denying ourselves and the world new possibilities and even a new destiny.

Maybe not on Saturday May 21st.... but the world will eventually end. Personally I think it will happen decades if not centuries after you and I are gone. But we should all discover our potential, our talents, and our overall purpose before we're gone. We should learn, do, and get the most we can out of our lives while we're still here....and strive to make some sort of impact on the world.

I dare you to discover your purpose.

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