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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My New Running Sneakers

I just got my new running sneakers from Dick's Sporting Goods, $20 off with a coupon plus free shipping :) . I love the color, its Fresh Pink/Fresh Lemon. Despite the rain and gusts of wind, I was RUNNING across the Fort Point Channel Bridge in Boston this morning. I can't wait to run in the warmer weather. Its helping to visualize my ideal body and seeing a faint glimpse of the finish line. I WILL get there. Its taking longer than I would like, but I WILL get there. I'm down 60 pounds and feeling even better than I did at ten years younger. The key for me has been no deprivation, learning the right foods to eat, weight training, and cardio. I have also recently added Hot Yoga to my regimen. It also helps to have someone around me going through the same thing.... my mother in law Sheila has been a partner in crime of sorts. She introduced me to hiking trails and also the hot yoga. It's nice to have a supportive person around me once in a while :) . Thank you Sheila :) .

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